Speed Up Safari in Case of Slow Internet Connection

speedafari-safari-schneller-machen-4If you are on the way and having only Edge to surf, Safari loads very slowly because of the advertising and other unnecessary parts. The (currently for free!) app Speedafari is able to block specific contents of a website by what it makes Safari faster in case of having a slow internet conncetion anyway.

Load Speedafari

Open the App Store on you iPhone, search for the app Speedafari and download it. Currently (effective 07/25/2016) the app is for free.

Install Speedafari

Open Speedafari on your iPhone and swipe to the fourth ttorial side, where you can tap on the button Set up Speedafari at the bottom of your screen.

Activate Widget

The content blocker Speedafari is controlled via widget from within the notification center while surfing in Safari. First of all you need to activate the widget and the app wherefore the app asks you to do so.

Pull down the notification center and scroll down to the bottom on the side Today and tap Edit. Add the Speedafari widget wherefore you tap the green plus button.


Turn back to the app and tap Next on the bottom.

Activate content blocker

Next up you need to allow Speedafari to block contents in Safari. Open Settings and tap on Safari and then on content blocker. Activate Speedafari.


Turn back again to the app and tap Done and then Close to close the app.

Speed up Safari in case of slow internet connection

To load a website in Safari having a bad mobile data link can be very slow and sometimes it loads not at all. You can see that a website is still loading with the aid of the blue progress bar at the top of Safari and also the symbol next to the display of data link in the upper left corner.

To load a website faster you can open the notification center by swiping from the top of the display down to the bottom. Tap the button Speed Up Safari. You are now able to set how many resp. which contents shall be blocked by using the control button below.