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Editing Your Photos – TADAA App Test

Editing photos directly on the iPhone, save and share them – TADAA HD Pro Camera makes it all possible. This app enables you to sharpen photos, to use the Bokeh effect for portraits, to put a filter over your images or to color parts of your image. The mask function is especially interesting if you only want to edit sections of a photo.

Editing photos with Tadaa

When you open the app, you will be on the camera preview, so that you could take a photo right away. However, you can also use a photo from your library for editing. Once you have taken a picture or chosen one from your library, you will see a tools bar at the bottom. You can scroll to the right and left in order to choose an editing tool.

The tools include many filters and different effects, such as Clarity, Blur, Crop or Color Adjustment. The tools can be applied to the whole image or a certain part. A special advantage is the Mask tool, by which you can mark particular areas in the photo.

This mask will be saved for further editing steps. Depending on the effect you are using, it will be applied to the highlighted area (for example Coloring) or to the rest of the image (like the Blur Effect for portraits).

Choose the effect that you want to use. If you want to apply the effect only to a certain section, click Create Mask at the top of the screen.

Mark image sections via Masks

Once you have clicked the Create Mask button, you can follow the outline of the desired section with your finger. This will turn it into a mask, which should appear in green. You can edit the mask with the tools at the bottom bar.

As soon as this mask is saved, you can use it for all other effects in the app as well. If necessary, you can invert the mask, so that you can apply the effects to the rest of the photo.

Perfect portraits with TADAA

If you are using TADAA, you can compete with the Portrait Mode of the iPhone 7 Plus. You just need a beautiful portrait and a little more time to get a comparable result.

Just choose the portrait from your photo library and scroll to the right of the tools bar until you see Blur. You have to create a mask to use the Bokeh effect fully. You find a proper guide to make and edit the perfect portrait photo here.

User interface of the app

The results of the photo editing are really good. You just have to get used to the user interface. If you open a photo and swipe to the left, it will open the filters automatically. It changes to the next filter by every swipe.

You will also need some patience with editing the mask, but if you use the zoom, you can be pretty precisely.

Free effect and effects with costs

You can already edit your photos perfectly with the free tools. However, you can also invest in some other effects, if you are interested in changing colors and perspectives. A huge advantage of the app is that you can test the effect before purchasing. So you are not buying on the off chance and can decide if you are happy with the actual effect.

The only 4 effects, which cost money, are Easy HDR, Colorshift, Distort, and Perspective. If you want to use them, you have to pay US$0.99 for each effect, except for the Perspective, because this one costs US$ 2.99 (03/29/2017).

The HDR Mode is built in the iPhone already so that the free effects should be completely enough for most hobby photographers.


The app is particularly suitable for portrait photos and for photos, where you want to edit only certain sections. The mask function is helpful for this procedure because you can define areas precisely to apply the effect only there. The free effects in the app are definitely enough for hobby photographers because the photos can be edited artistically with the free effects and the HDR mode is already built in the iPhone.

However, you have to invest some time with the app, in order use it properly. Editing a created mask can take a while. As the mask will be saved for further adjustments, it’s worth spending more time with it, because you can use it for many effects and invert it as well.