iPhone 3G (2nd Generation) Summary

The successor of the iPhone 2G was the iPhone 3G, which Apple released in 2008. This was the first smartphone which reached the broad mass and convinced a lot of “Non-Apple Users” to the brand.

The most noticeable external change was the switch from an aluminum housing to a housing made of black plastic. Apple justified this decision, that this would provide a better reception performance. Completely new was the App Store. With the “new” App Store it was possible to install new software without a hack or a jailbreak. But the most important change, and therefore often decisive argument to buy the new iPhone, was the support of UMTS mobile communications with a maximum download-rate of 3.6 Mbit / s. This also gave the new iPhone the name “3G”.

Special features of iPhone 3G

  • The beginning of the App Store
  • GPS and UMTS

Further there weren’t a lot new features. The display, the camera received no updates. Just the processor was a little faster. However, the iPhone 3G increased the tension what the new smartphone market will look like. The successor model with more speed was the iPhone 3GS.

Apple iPhone 2G – Technial data and specifications
Release July 11, 2008
Display 3,5 Zinch, 480 x 320 pixels
Camera 2 Megapixel
Processor ARM1176 Prozessor, 412MHz
RAM 128 MB
Internal memory 8GB or 16GB
Sensors 3-axis accelerometer
Proximity sensor
Ambient light sensor
Battery 1150 mAh, 3.7 V, Internal, user inaccessible, Rechargeable Li-ion
10 hours Voice Call
300 hours standby
Data inputs Dock-Connector
Multi-touch touchscreen display
Headset controls
Connectivity GSM, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA ,WLAN, Bluetooth
Dimensions and weight 11,5 x 6,2 x 1,23 cm and 133g
Particularities GPS & UMTS

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