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iOS 12 Will Make Older iPhone Models Faster

Many believe that Apple intentionally reduces speed and performance and software updates for older hardware continously slow down the iPhones perfomance. With iOS 12 Apple takes these issues into consideration and rolls out an extensive Update with stability and performance improvements that will make older iPhone models faster.

Older iPhone models included in performance improvements

Apple has taken the complaints of iPhone users serious, this also shows in their decision to include the iPhone 5s in their iOS 1 update. So everyone asking themselves: “Will iOS 12 support iPhone 5s?” can relax, as it will. iOS 12 will support all iPhone models starting with the 2013 iPhone 5s up to iPhone X. In recent iPhone models the update will be perceptible in faster animation, in starting the Control Center or scrolling through apps. The update will also improve app starts by 40 percent and even up to twice as fast in multitasking mode. The iOS keyboard will appear faster as well as the sharing menu. The iPhone camera probably gains most, as it is supposed to start up to 70 percent faster.

FYI: Apple introduced many coming iOS 12 features during the WWDC keynote. We summed up the most important updates and coolest features. Check out our summary of the WWDC keynote here.

Numerous iOS 12 beta testers can prove, that Apple not only talks a big game. Many iPhone users who are testing iOS 12 in advance gave positive feedback after testing the iOS 12 beta on older iPhone models. You can also find lots of YouTube videos comparing iOS 11 vs iOS 12 on iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 as well as iPhone 6s, resulting in an overall improvement in speed and performance.


Which models benefit most from iOS 12

Recent iPhone models like iPhone X and iPhone 8 do not benefit as much as older iPhone models in regards to speed and performance. The stability and permonce improvments are also a reaction to the controversial battery management system introduced secretly that resulted in speed and performace reductions with older batteries. In the meantime the feature can be deactivated manually. All in all every iPhone user with an older iPhone model can look forward to the iOS 12 update coming in fall 2018.
There are a few features enabling users to check for iPhone battery health, with iOS 11 a battery health feature was added to the Settings, but there are also other ways to check out your battery performance. Learn more about battery health here.