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iOS 9.3 – New and Hidden Features

We have been testing iOS 9.3 for you and compiled a list of new and interesting as well as hidden features in the latest version of the iPhone’s operating system. In this article, we will give you a rundown on which of the features are worth the upgrade in iOS 9.3 and give you an overview of what is coming.

Saving your sleep: Night Shift Mode

Science has shown that blue light emissions are messing with our sleep. If you tend to use your iPhone after sundown, you may be ruining the quality of your sleep and should try out this great new feature. Night Shift Mode, as Apple calls it, is basically a blatant copy of what the developers of the f.lux app have been doing for ages. It basically warms up the color temperature of your screen, reducing the blue tones and thus emphasizing the warmer colors such as orange and red. This will keep your brain from getting tricked into adjusting your circadian rhythm, as blue light signals that the day is far from over. Warmer colors mimic candlelight and do not interfere with sleep as much. Night Shift Mode can be applied manually, through the Control Center, or based on a schedule. You can also adjust the sensitivity in the settings.

Protect your privacy with Touch ID in the “Notes” app

The “Notes” app is now capable of protecting individual notes containing private information. These protected notes can then only be opened by scanning your fingerprint with the Touch ID sensor. This way, no one will be able to read these notes, even if he or she gains access to your unlocked device.

Multi user mode

The new “Classroom” app is meant for students and teachers. It effectively allows that one e.g. iPad be used among a group of students, each having his own account that can be tracked by the teacher. This allows for interactive studying with a minimum number of devices, as they can be shared between multiple users via profiles.

New 3D Touch shortcuts

Pressing firmly on one of your Home Screen app icons will display a shortcut menu, which allows you to access specific features within apps, even without having to open them first. This can already be used in conjunction with e.g. the “Camera” app. With iOS 9.3, Apple will be introducing new features and add a shortcut menu for the “Settings” app and the Compass as well as other apps.

CarPlay, Health, News and more

Several of the stock apps will receive a bunch of updates with iOS 9.3, among those is also the “Maps” application. Apple is introducing new POI (points of interest) in Apple Maps, in order to further improve the user experience. In addition to that, Apple Music is getting new playlists. CarPlay gains support for lots of new hardware. The “Health” app and the Apple Watch are more closely integrated in this latest update. Other new features are coming to the “News” app.


The new features and changes clearly demonstrate that Apple is continually working on improving iOS and the iPhone. We especially enjoyed the new Night Shift Mode, which works well when automated and really improves your sleep quality. We’re looking forward to additional new features and updates in the coming months and are pretty sure that iOS 9.3 is worth a recommendation.