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How German Sounds Compared To English (iPhone Edition)

Ever wonder how Germans talk about their iPhone and its features? Well, we’ve conducted a representative study and tried to figure out how German culture and German pronunciation might influence the way you use and view your iPhone. To Germans, most of the names of iPhone and iOS features sound very foreign. But wait until you hear them pronounce their very own versions of terms that are common to iPhone users! One might argue that German sounds a little harsh on the ears for a non-native speaker, but judge for yourself…

The following video is of course satire and over-emphasizes stereotypes and the German language for the sake of your entertainment. Don’t be offended if you are German yourself, as overdoing it to the max is what makes this video so fun.

German iPhone culture: Prost!

We love the German language and culture and probably wouldn’t trade it for another. But we also have to be real about some of the linguistic abominations it can produce: “Telekommunikations├╝berwachungsordnung” sounds like something a general would bark at his regiment when defending the trenches, but in fact it’s the German word for a┬átelecommunication surveillance enactment – not that this makes it any more sympathetic.

If you have been wondering what kinds of funny expressions the Germans use for things such as the “Home Button” on their iPhone, look no further than our educational video: