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“iPhone SE” Display Panel Leak: No 3D Touch!

The budget “iPhone SE” is at the center of Apple rumors right now. The device will supposedly come in the trusty 4 inch form factor, but deliver the punch of a more modern device generation. It has been reported that it will not be called “iPhone 5se”, as many expected, but that Apple will go for the simpler “SE” designation. We’re expecting Apple to schedule the reveal for March 21st of 2016. New images supposedly show a leaked iPhone SE display panel and a lack of the 3D Touch feature we have come to know and love with the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

It would be typical for Apple to include only some of the more attractive features in a budget device, the iPhone 5c was for instance equipped with a colorful plastic case instead of a metal unibody chassis. Our French colleagues at have published a number of images purportedly showing the front of the brand new “iPhone SE”. The lack of 3D Touch has been established in earlier reports, which appear to be confirmed by the most recent leaks. When comparing the leaked display panel to the iPhone 6s (seen on the right), the absence of pressure sensor components becomes apparent.

Apart from the lack of sensor units, the new images reveal little about the rumored iPhone SE. We can be relatively sure of the inclusion of Live Photos as a feature in the new budget device. Visually, the iPhone SE will be pretty close to the iPhone 5s and sport slightly more rounded screen corners. 9to5Mac posted technical drawings which reveal the similarities to earlier iPhone generations.

Look out for this new iPhone, a smaller iPad pro with a display diagonal of 9.7 inch and fresh Apple Watch accessories at the next major Apple keynote on March 21 of this year.