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WhatsApp Outage Affecting International Users

The popular messaging client WhatsApp has been suffering mild to severe outages for a number of international users in several countries on this Tuesday. The issues primarly appear to affect the central European mainland, but reports from South America, the UK and other countries paint the picture of a more widespread issue. Is WhatsApp down for you?

Current WhatsApp issues range from crashes and delays in message delivery to conversation histories disappearing completely. The root cause for the issue is currently unclear and WhatsApp has not issued an official statement yet. WhatsApp users from Madrid, Barcelona and London are also affected.

The German outage hub allestö lists a large amount of user reports detailing their issues. Some of the users are receiving the same message in two or three copies, which points to server-side networking issues. On the other hand, other users are complaining that their client is mistakenly throwing an error message about a full storage space on the device. Individual users are also fully unable to open the app, while others are experiencing a rapid depletion of battery charge and WhatsApp crashes or freezes.

While rebooting your iPhone or reinstalling the WhatsApp application would be the logical course for solving such issues when they appear in isolation, the widespread WhatsApp outage leaves only room for sitting it out. As soon as we hear of a workaround, update or statement from the developers of WhatsApp, we’ll let you know in an update!