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iOS 10 Concept: Video Shows 3D Touch Control Center

The new iPhone 7 will launch this autumn and bring along iOS 10 for the ride, which will be accessible to select older devices as well. As to how the new iPhone operating system might look: We can only speculate. UI/UX Concept Designer Sam Beckett does exactly that, he presents his very own ideas regarding iOS 10 in an impressive video mockup.

Roughly 15 different features are currently available in the stock Control Center on iOS devices. There’s room for more, at least Beckett’s vision includes an additional row of toggles, which can be reconfigured, moved around and reordered at will. This level of customization is an addition a certain group of users hope for, but Apple may not open up this part of the user experience to configurations they deem ineffective or frustrating, which is always a possibility when making things customizable. See Google’s Android for examples.

The concept also employs the 3D Touch feature, which was introduced with the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. In Beckett’s iOS 10 concept, the user can access deeper aspects of the individual toggles by deep pressing on them. Take Wi-Fi for instance. How awesome would it be to switch between Wi-Fi networks directly from the Control Center, through a context menu that opens up as soon as you use 3D Touch on the Wi-Fi toggle itself? Beckett also envisions a “dark mode” for more comfortable use in dim environments.

We think that Sam is certainly on to something, the iOS Control Center could use a few more tricks up its sleeve – but we wonder whether Apple will be going in the same direction. As stated above, Cupertino tends to aim for the best possible fit for everyone and not necessarily customization. The next generation of iOS – iOS 10.0 – will be previewed at the WWDC on 13th of June this year. The official release of the operating system will probably align with the launch of the iPhone 7, at least if Apple sticks to the regular schedule.