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How to Install Cydia Tweaks without Jailbreak with Extensify

A new third-party tweak store akin to Cydia has surfaced and it’s called “Extensify”. The particularly interesting part about Extensify is that it doesn’t require a jailbreak at all. You can use your non-jailbroken iPhone and install modifications for your apps that are similar to so-called Cydia Tweaks. The platform is still in its early days, but you can request an invite code to be one of the first people giving this Cydia alternative a try.

Extensify could prove to be a great alternative for all the users who do not have a jailbreakable device or no interest in jailbraking and all of its hassles. What if you could stay on the latest version of iOS, which isn’t vulnerable to the exploits that make jailbreaking possible, but still reap some of the major benefits of the jailbreak? This is the mission behind Extensify, to bring you customization features and the hacks we all love, but without the necessity for an actual jailbreak.

Apple opened up the path of sideloading apps onto your device in a recent update to Xcode, which enabled users to install emulators and other software that otherwise wouldn’t be available due to the regulations of the iTunes App Store.

Once you install the Extensify store to your device, it will enable you to build customized versions of popular apps such as Instagram, YouTube, Vine, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat and more. These can then be swapped with the currently installed stock version of the app, enhancing your user experience through additional features or by stripping away annoying limitations. Modified apps that have been obtained through Extensify have a tiny plus sign on their icon, which is there to tell you that they have been enhanced.

Our colleagues at 9to5mac did a great job at summarizing what Extensify is actually about and what you can do with it:

The limitations of Extensify are pretty clear: You can’t really modify the iOS internal features as it is possible with Cydia right now. Copies or ports of awesome tweaks such as Activator and others may never be possible via this method. From an information security standpoint, hosting the modified apps on the servers of the people that are operating Extensify is also a potential risk. As the users are unable to view the modifications that were made to the apps in detail, they could be exposing themselves and their data to malicious code.

Extensify is planning to launch their service with a subscription fee that guarantees access to basic tweaks, which they call “Exos” in their own terminology.