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iPhone 7: TSMC Ramping Up Production For Launch

According to a report from the supply chain, TSMC is currently ramping up chip production to meet Apple’s demand for the iPhone 7 launch this fall. The Taiwanese chip factory is planning to double its production capacity for 16nm processors during March. This is most probably directly related to Apple’s upcoming A10 SoC, which will be part of the iPhone 7. It has been speculated that TSMC will be the sole contractor producing this generation of chips for Cupertino.

Several sources (via AppleInsider) are reporting that TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) will be doubling the 40.000 units of 12 inch wafers to a figure of 80.000 units until the end of this month. While it can be speculated that Apple’s orders are the reason behind this increase, the causality hasn’t been established in the present reports and is mere speculation. TSMC’s biggest clients are Apple, Xilinx, MediaTek, NVIDIA and a number of other companies.

TSMC as the sole partner for the Apple A10 chip

While the Apple A9 in the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus has been manufactured by both Samsung and TSMC, current rumors are hinting at TSMC being the sole contractor for the next iPhone which is due to launch in September of this year. As always, chip producers need to ramp up their production several months in advance of a big product launch. Apple’s demands are seen as a challenge for most of the chip fabs, given that consumers reliably stand in line for the next product. Being the sole manufacturer behind the A10 wafers could pose a marked challenge to TSMC.