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iPhone Passcode Hack – Video Debunked

A new video showing an iPhone passcode hack appeared on Facebook. Antony Pape supposedly breaks the iPhone passcode security and in turn allows you to unlock any iPhone. The video has reached over 11 million views on Facebook, sparking discussions regarding its’ authenticity. Knowledge of how to hack an iPhone’s passcode is potentially useful for legitimate reasons: Imagine forgetting your passcode while requiring access to your iPhone, you’d be glad to know how to unlock it right? On the other hand, who needs a passcode system when the security is unreliable and easily broken by a hacker. We have analyzed the viral video for clues and gave the method a try, just to see whether it i legitimate.

Is this a real iPhone passcode bypass?

Facebook user Antony Pape claims to be able to unlock an iPhone without knowing the passcode through a multi-step process that appears to exploit a bug of sorts. He launches Siri via the Lock Screen, then asks her for the current time. Then he clicks the “+” to add another clock. Instead of typing in the name of a city as prompted, he enters a random sequence and selects all of the text to bring up the context menu. From this he selects “Share” and the Messages app. Instead of a real recipient, he pastes the aforementioned random sequence once more and selects “Add”. Once in the contact list, he presses the Home Button and the iPhone is now completely unlocked without having to enter a passcode. How did that work?

Debunked! All you need is Touch ID

Like all illusionists and magicians worth their salt, Antony tries to con us into paying attention to all the little side shows he puts up as distractions. Unfortunately, his video is completely fake and easily debunked if you know what to look for. By launching Siri via the Home Button, he is secretly unlocking the iPhone in the background via a registered thumb print. At this point in the video, the iPhone is already unlocked. The rest of the clip is simply a show to make you believe that he is actually hacking an iPhone using simple bugs.

You can test his approach by grabbing an iPhone without Touch ID or using a finger that isn’t registered for Touch ID. The “Share” button in the video won’t appear, because Apple is aware of the security ramifications of this option in this precise situation. The context menu only allows you to cut, copy or paste in the city field of the Clock app.

New iPhone passcode hack: No more than a fake

Well, he really tried and convinced a quite a few people on Facebook to share his mock iPhone hacking tutorial. But we are absolutely positive that Antony Pape faked the process behind this video and it is demonstrably false. A nice detail is that some might not even notice that this won’t work with a stranger’s iPhone, because people might unknowingly unlock their own device via Touch ID while trying to re-enact the video hoping to achieve an iOS passcode hack.