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Apple Allegedly Working on 5.8 Inch OLED iPhone

The Taiwanese DigiTimes reports (via 9to5mac) that Apple is allegedly working on a 5.8 inch iPhone with an OLED screen. While the reliability of DigiTimes as a source can certainly be called into question, their current rumors match up with information from other outlets. The report is claiming that Apple is allegedly working on a larger device which is aimed at the following year or even 2018 and is already in talks with parts suppliers for the OLED screen.

Big names such as Samsung, LG and Japan Display are supposedly in talks with Apple with regards to a bigger, as of yet undisclosed model that will sport the beneficial technology.

OLED advantages and disadvantages

OLED displays are typically more energy efficient, display a truer black tone due to their subunits working as the backlight and provide the viewer with more brightness and contrast when compared to a regular LCD screen. A potentially big downside to OLED technology are the lower yields in manufacturing, which was the cause for initial high costs in manufacturing.

No OLED display in the iPhone 7?

In 2017 or 2018, things could be different. For the upcoming generation in the fall of 2016 however, we’re not expecting any OLED technology to settle into Apple’s pipeline. LG is purportedly able to supply Apple with large numbers of units during the next year, while Japan Display might be taking over a lot of the production in 2018. Further prognoses by the DigiTimes point to more than 50 million final units of the larger 5.8 inch iPhones during the first year of their availability on the market.

5.8 inch iPhone: Perhaps an iPhone 7 Plus with a dual-camera unit?

A 5.8 inch iPhone model might just be the thing Apple requires to prop up dwindling iPhone sales during the end of the initial sales spike after releasing a model. The tendency to release a very similar, but refined model could point towards a larger s-model in 2017. Analysts at KGI securities had indicated that the iPhone 7 Plus might come with a dual-camera feature, something that would also complement a larger screen diagonal and an even stronger focus on picture quality. Perhaps we’ll see OLED in the iPhone 7s Plus?