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Leaked iPhone 7 Case Points to 6s Design & No Headphone Jack

As with every new iPhone release, leaked cases are a good indicator of what is to come in terms of design and sometimes even allow us to extrapolate what kind of features may be included in the next generation of Apple’s flagship device. This most recent leak confirms rumors of a missing headphone jack and a form factor that is almost identical to the iPhone 6s.

Seasoned leak veteran @OnLeaks shared several images via Twitter. These are supposedly based on what information Apple gave accessory manufacturers in order to align their products with the specifications of the upcoming iPhone 7. Of course we won’t know for sure whether these leaks turn out to be legitimate information until Apple finally unveils the device in the fall of 2016, but evidence is mounting with regards to several details.

Firstly, Apple will most probably include several speakers that may equip the new iPhone with stereo sound. The leaked case shows two gaps for audio, rather than one. Furthermore, we can see the spot that is reserved for the Lightning port, which may or may not serve as the bridge for regular headphones via an additional adapter. It has been rumored that Apple may be including wireless EarPods or some other audio solution with their new device.

Another interesting point of intel is that the case appears to follow the contours of an iPhone 6s, pointing towards little to no major changes in terms of the overall design or form factor. In terms of the camera, we see a larger opening that could house a more powerful camera or larger lens. While the iPhone 7 Plus is said to come with a dual-camera setup, no such rumor exists for the smaller version. Allegedly, Apple is planning to get rid of the protruding camera that has bugged many users of the iPhone 6 and 6s and their larger counterparts. But this is also something we cannot extract from this leak, so we’ll have to wait and see what Apple churns out this fall.

As always, one has to tread carefully when interpreting such accessory leaks as Chinese manufacturers are known for their overly eager and quick productions runs that serve the main purpose of establishing themselves on the market, regardless of whether they meet a high quality standard. We may just be looking at a “best guess” design that doesn’t take into account major features. But looking at Apple’s recent history, we’d wager that Cupertino isn’t going to take major risks and will continue with the safer bets of continuous iteration and unsurprising yet convincing improvements to their hardware lineup.