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Apple iPhone SE Event & Stream on 21st of March

“Let us loop you in” – Apple is inviting members of the press and the general public to witness the unveiling of the 4-inch iPhone SE, quite possibly a new iPad with four speakers as well as┬ábrand new accessories for the Apple Watch on March 21st in Cupertino and the web at an upcoming keynote. Further rumors point to updates to the Mac line of products including the next generation of Intel processors or a reworking of the Thunderbolt Display. The content of Apple’s presentation is, as always, cause for speculation and certainly not fully known until the actual demo takes places. We’ll see what Tim Cook and his crew have in store in terms of surprises in 10 more days.

“Let us loop you in”

The motto of the event is most certainly a reference to the location, as the Apple Keynote will be taking place at Infinite Loop 1, Cupertino (CA) in Apple’s very own rooms on the current campus. The event is scheduled to start at 10 a.m. Pacific time. Don’t worry, you don’t have to attend in person – the event will also be live streamed via Apple’s website and give you an opportunity to catch up with the latest news and innovations.