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Hilarious: Sacha Baron Cohen Going for Apple Keynote Style

Apple’s keynotes are marvelous, beautifully executed and just as amazing as the adjectives and superlatives the speakers employ when they reveal the latest gadgetry out of Cupertino. Due to their popularity and very specific style, Apple’s keynotes have often been the target of satire and all kinds of spoofs and references in pop culture. Actor Sacha Baron Cohen, who you may know as one of his characters (Ali G, Borat & Brüno), chose to use the Apple presentation style to market his new film “The Brothers Grimsby” in an amusing trailer. Of course he couldn’t resist and made fun of Jonathan Ive’s cadences and way of speaking. We highly suggest you watch it right now.

Trailer for “The Brothers Grimsby” (Apple Keynote Spoof)

The next real Apple event will take place on March 21st, so you will have 10 more days to wait for the unveiling of the new generation of devices, but the above parody by Sacha Baron Cohen serves as a humorous preamble and is definitely watchable. We love how he doesn’t take his own productions too seriously and promises metrics such as “12% more likability than Borat” and making the lead character “15% more idiotic”.