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iOS 9.3 Beta 7: Last Preview Before Final Release

Apple recently released the seventh beta version of its mobile operating system iOS. We presume that the final release will take place on March 21st, when Apple will be unveiling the iPhone SE, Apple Watch accessories and perhaps even an updated MacBook line and Thunderbolt Displays at the “let us loop you in” event on its very own premises in Palo Alto. The final test version of iOS 9.3b7 should allow developers to make their last quick adjustments to apps and allow public testers to give the next big update a try before it is ready for prime time.

iOS 9.3 slated to release during next week

Testers are already raving about the much-improved performance and UI fluidity which appears to hit a solid 60 FPS during animations which used to stutter on even the fastest devices and purportedly rivals iOS 6 in terms of speed. Should Apple not discover any major bugs, the final version of iOS 9.3 will be available to download after the keynote. Users will then finally experience

  • the new Night Shift Mode for eye-friendly colors during late hours
  • an improved Notes app which includes password-protected notes
  • new features for corporate scenarios.

Mac OS X “El Capitan” has just received its seventh beta as well, it is highly likely that tvOS and watchOS will have their final rounds of testing within the same timeframe.