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Apple vs. FBI: More Secure iCloud Backups Planned

According to the WSJ, Apple is currently busy making the iCloud backups even more secure. The San Bernardino case brought the public spotlight onto the fact that the FBI was actually able to bypass Apple’s security measures and access the iCloud backup of one of the perpetrators. Cupertino aims to close all potential loopholes and eradicate all current exploits that compromise the safety of the data of their customers. The tough part about heightening security will be finding a balance between comfort and strong safety measures.

Tighter security vs. User experience

Impenetrable security is often not at the forefront of great user experiences, especially when it comes to forgotten passwords and similar situations that require the vendor to intervene. More hurdles have to be implemented, but it is at the same time quite essential that they don’t compromise a simple user’s ability to access and reclaim his data. Apple is already storing certain kinds of data that are unreadable to the company, but only accessible by the client. Such as the iCloud Keychain, which is used for storing passwords and credit card details. Another feature would be iMessage and its end-to-end encryption which is not decipherable by any third party.

According to the head of Apple’sĀ iOS and Mac OS X divisions (Craig Federighi), security is a race “that you can lead but never decisively win”. One can only try to outpace and outwit the opponent, but every man-made system will be cracked in the long run. The FBI was outed in court documents pertaining to the San Bernardino case, in which a special agent claimed that the iCloud backup could contribute valuable information to the case but would not comment on any specific details which were learned from analyzing Mr. Farook’s files. According to security experts in the field, iCloud backup data is used very frequently and in significant scope to investigate crimes and the actions of perpetrators after they are known.