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“iPhone SE” Camera: Rumored 4K Video Capabilities

The “iPhone SE” or however Apple might call it is slated to be revealed at the next major keynote event on March 21st of 2016. Only a few days remain until the world sees what Apple has in store for customers preferring a 4-inch device. Promotional material showcasing the capabilities of the new iSight camera that might put the device on par with the most recent generation is already on the way, according to sources in the tech industry.

AppleInsider is citing anonymous sources who claim that Apple will be impressing the crowd at the March 21st event with a surprising addition to the otherwise relatively unspectacular 4-inch device: A powerful camera that could serve as the key enhancement to users that are currently equipped with an iPhone 5s, which was the last 4-inch device Apple had released in the long line of iPhones.

While some are expecting a product that resembles the iPhone 5c in terms of comparable specifications to the flagship model, the majority of the press and rumor mill sees something more akin to the iPhone 6s in a repackaged and affordable form. The iPhone SE will most certainly lack 3D Touch, we are expecting Apple to include support for Apple Pay and Live Photos. An upgraded camera would fit well within this frame of features. In order to support the 4K recording resolution at 30 fps, a powerful system-on-chip such as the Apple A9 (as found in the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus) will be needed. We’ll know more when Apple’s “Let us loop you in” show begins at 10 AM Pacific Time.