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Nintendo’s First iPhone Game: Miitomo

While it is certainly no Zelda or Mario, we are definitely delighted to report on Nintendo’s mobile premiere in Japan. As the soft launch of the “Miitomo” app is rolling out on the Japanese App Store, other regions are queued for the coming days and weeks. Nintendo’s first iOS game is more of a chat platform that comes coupled with a bunch of mini games. These take place in the Miiverse, the realm of the “Mii” avatars that were introduced with the Wii and are still going strong on the Wii U and 3DS. The video game giant chose to cooperate with another experienced entity on the market, DeNA, to incorporate in-app purchases and monetize the game heavily through such means.

Nintendo Miitomo: Taking flight on iOS

You may know the colorful Mii characters from other platforms, such as the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii. Miis are a fun way to represent your very own personality or a fictional character you would like to embody within games and Nintendo’s platforms. This first attempt marks Nintendo’s much-needed entry into the mobile market, as Wii U sales are stagnating and so are profits.

Nintendo’s change of mind

The Japanese gaming giant is still well-endowed with cash, but times in the gaming industry have changed and their business model doesn’t quite work anymore. Often compared to Apple in this regard, Nintendo tended to bet on the combination of innovative hardware and software in tandem and strict control of the pipeline including highly successful first-party titles. Nintendo’s executives have finally come to the realization that the emerging mobile market is undercutting their possible revenue through cheap games that are available on pre-existing hardware. Relinquishing some of the control over its intellectual property is certainly the right move and was thoroughly applauded on Wall Street and by their investors.

Next up will be a number of titles involving all of our favorite characters from the Nintendo universe, also developed and published in cooperation with DeNA. By the way, reserving your username for Miitomo is possible right now.