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New App for Apple Keynote on March 21st: Apple TV 4

Are you “looped in” yet? Apple recently released a new app for the Apple TV 4 which allows you to follow along with the iPhone SE Keynote on March 21st. The “Apple Special Event” app works for the upcoming event and even provides a record of older presentations which you can rewatch to e.g. witness the unveiling of the Apple Watch once more. Older Apple TV devices will get their own, more traditional app for viewing the Keynote live in the next couple of days.

Watch the Apple Special Event on Apple TV 4

There’s nothing like a live Apple product presentation, really. And it’s even better if you watch it on Apple hardware, including the option to view older Keynotes as well. Apple seldom fails to write history with their events and most of them are very entertaining to watch. We suggest you check out the iPhone 6 presentation once more, or take a look at the past WWDC videos.

The Keynote on March 21st has the tagline “Let us loop you in“, which appears to play with the address on Infinite Loop, Apple’s very own premises. We are awaiting the iPhone SE with a 4-inch diagonal, as well as refreshed iPads and perhaps even a few accessories for the Apple Watch. The event will be taking place at 10 AM Pacific Time. You can also stream the event from an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch on iOS 7.0 or later, as well as on your Mac running 10.8.5 or later, or a Windows 10 PC with the Microsoft Edge browser.