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iPhone SE Summary – the new 4-inch iPhone

What a great budget device! The iPhone SE is basically what the iPhone 5c should have been: A repackaged version of the latest technology released at the right time and for a fair price. Today’s Apple keynote earned a lot of praise, rightly so, for delivering the iPhone SE in a very attractive package which is practically equal to the iPhone 6s in terms of performance and raw power. The 4-inch device is the most powerful one Apple has ever released in this form factor and should fill a rather large niche in the market. During the presentation, Tim Cook noted that new users tend to prefer the smaller devices, probably for budget reasons. And we should not forget that a lot of people enjoy using a 4-inch device due to its more manageable size, portability and usability with a single hand. The product presentation was jam-packed with juicy bits of information, which we hereby aim to summarize in a digestible format for you.

iPhone SE release date & iPhone SE pricing

The iPhone SE preorder will be open from the 24th of March, while the international release date is the 31st of March. It will be available with 16 GB of internal storage for $399.00 and 64 GB go for $499.00 without plan. Financing options are available from $13.30 per month.

Size and measurements

It only weights 113 grams or just under 4 ounces and is basically of the same size as the iPhone 5s, while packing a lot more features and power. The 4-inch retina display has the same resolution as the predecessors, while the new A9 chip powers it with far more computational capability.

iPhone SE colors

Apple’s new iPhone SE comes in the established colors: Silver, Gold, Space Gray and Rose Gold are all available.

Technology behind the SE – A9 Chip, M9 Chip, faster LTE & NFC

The significant advances of the technology inside the iPhone 6s have almost all been ported to the smaller form factor of the iPhone SE. You can expect marvelous gaming and 3D performance with the 64-bit Apple A9 system-on-chip and track your movement and health data using the M9 motion coprocessor. Faster LTE and a large number of bands support your travels across the globe, while added NFC enables you to make use of Apple Pay using the iPhone SE. The updated Touch ID sensor is also present in the Home Button. The only thing that’s missing: 3D Touch.

12 MP camera, 4K video & Live Photos

One of the most important parts when it comes to the iPhone is surely the camera. Users want to take great pictures that rival most of the smaller digital cameras. The 12 MP iSight camera on the back of the device will shoot 4K video, slow motion clips with up to 240 frames per second and the awesome Live Photos feature is also included. Quite notable is the True Tone flash, which consists of a dual-LED setup and aids you in taking photos with a proper white balance. The lens is protected via a Sapphire crystal lens cover.

In terms of the FaceTime HD camera on the front of the device, things have also improved quite a bit when compared to other 4-inch iPhones: 1.2 MP, Retina Flash and 720p video are possible with the iPhone SE.

iOS 9.3

Last but not least, the iPhone SE will be shipped with iOS 9.3, which was made available to the public today. This new version of Apple’s mobile operating system includes a set of new features, which we have discussed on our website. To give you a very quick rundown: Night Shift Mode protects your sleep and eyesight during the later hours, the updated Notes app allows you to protect your notes via Touch ID and a major security flaw concerning iMessage was fixed in this release. We highly suggest going for the update if you own any other device.

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