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Surprising Study Claims Only 47% of Users Pay for Apps

How smart can a smartphone be without a variety of quality apps that extend and enhance the built-in functionality and connect users to each other and heaps of information? The scope is quite limited, we’d argue. But users appear to think otherwise. A surprising new study reveals that only 47 percent of German users pay for apps. Only every other user thinks that paying for apps is worth it, the other half sticks to free applications on their smartphone.

Only 35 percent of Germans pay for the “classic” app model

Only a third (35 percent, to be precise) paid for regular paid apps, whereas 14 percent invested in in-app-purchases (IAPs) and 12 percent of the surveyed users paid the developers of an app in order to have all advertising removed from their favorite app. Market researchers at BITKOM Germany conducted the study with 749 participants age 14 and older.

The study did not take into account what kind of job the participants were pursuing, or whether their main goal of owning a smartphone was perhaps focused on communication or web browsing. According to European App Store statistics, communication and chat apps regularly top the charts and make up a major part of the battery usage along with social networking apps such as Facebook. Furthermore, the study does not differentiate between iOS and Android users, the latter of which are notoriously less willing to buy apps and prefer free offers.

We can only speculate as to whether users are budget-bound, simply not interested or already well equipped using the free apps in the iTunes App Store. Our German team was rather surprised nonetheless and had expected to find at least 75 percent of participants willing to pay for apps.