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MacBook Pro 2016: Ultra-thin Refresh Expected in Q2

New 13-inch and 15-inch MacBooks are on the way to be revealed in June or July and they will be ultra-thin, say new reports from the supply chain. The iPhone SE and iPad Pro were announced mere days ago, but the rumor mill is already back up and running. They might even come in a thinner form factor than the MacBook Air.

The Taiwanese DigiTimes reports: Apple is said to have two new MacBook models lined up for a launch at the end of the second quarter. The 13-inch and 15-inch models are supposed to look like the current new MacBook in terms of their exterior design. Not too long ago, reports claimed that Intel’s Skylake processor generation was finally ready for mobile prime time this year. This iteration of Intel’s technology will bring major energy efficiency bonuses, which can either be applied to build thinner notebooks or extend the battery life. Apple will most probably go for a balance of both, with a slight focus on the form factor and portability of their devices while not sacrificing any power. We have to take this news with a grain of salt though, as the DigiTimes is not exactly known for being highly accurate with their rumors, which are attributed to the upstream supply chain.

As expected, Apple did not unveil new MacBooks at this March keynote, which was mainly aimed at the introduction of the iPhone SE. It is more likely that Apple will either introduce the new MacBook generation at the WWDC 2016 during the week of June 13th or at the September iPhone 7 event. Notebook market analysts predict slow overall growth in this sector, including the line of MacBooks.