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Purported iPhone 7 Leak Shows Borderless Screen

Not an April fools’ hoax, but neither too credible: A highly dodgy yet widely discussed image has surfaced on the Chinese social media website Weibo, purportedly showing the leaked iPhone 7 front with a borderless edge-to-edge screen. Eliminating the bezels on either side of the display would be a radical design change which is currently not supported by rumors from the supply chain, as our colleagues at 9to5Mac aptly offer as commentary to this latest leak.

The image could easily be faked by obtaining a photograph of a regular old iPhone 6s and simply retouching it in photoshop to widen the display area until the purported iPhone 7 with a borderless screen materializes out of thin air. We think that this leak is lacking in credibility, especially if you apply your attention to detail and focus it on the bottom right corner – which appears to betray the illusion with a remnant of the actual bezel.

Far more likely is this rendition of the iPhone 7, which attempts to convey what existing rumors have foretold about the next generation of Apple’s popular smartphone. We expect a lack of antenna breaks and a changed backside, but as of yet there is not much information about design changes that are coming to the front of the device other than the dual-camera setup that is rumored to be present in the iPhone 7 Plus. We’ll keep you updated and all of us will certainly know more this fall, when the iPhone 7 is finally introduced to the world. For now, you might want to check out our iPhone 7 concept including an exclusive look at our vision for iOS 10.