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Taylor Swift Got Knocked Down by Apple Music

Despite the initial contractual drama, Taylor Swift has been one of the strongest exclusive artists on Apple Music since the launch of the platform. She has since published her music solely on Apple’s blossoming platform. A new spot features her while running on a treadmill and serves as something akin to a lighthearted gesture by Cupertino to celebrate April Fools’ in a marketing-compatible manner. The attractive singer picks a playlist on Apple Music to better deal with the struggle of keeping up with her cardio workout and what happens next will surely cheer you up:

The video was published on the official Beats 1 Radio channel, which is Apple’s very own 24/7 radio station with a live program in several geographic locations, available in more than 100 countries.┬áIf you look closely, you’ll see that a nifty little cut has been used to conceal the fact that it is not actually Miss Swift who is falling, but a stunt model that took the drop in her place. What is also interesting is the choice of wireless headphones, perhaps as a prelude to the missing headphone jack in the yet to be released┬áiPhone 7? Apple concludes with claiming that their music service is Distractingly Good.