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iPhone 7 Thinner and Lighter: New Packaging Technology

The iPhone 7 might be thinner and lighter than its direct predecessors, such as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, say newly surfaced reports. According to the rumors, Apple is working with a new process that will allow more compact arrangements of components inside the case. The end result would be a more powerful product in an even more portable form factor.

Our Korean colleagues at ETNews report that Apple is planning to make use of “fan-out-packaging” technology to further compress the internals. This also leaves more room for a powerful battery. As opposed to normal chip packaging techniques, fan-out-packaging increases the number of available I/O terminals while the silicon die of the chip itself is getting smaller due to process improvements. The method is said to be cost efficient and it also has a positive impact on signal strength. Fan-out-packaging is rumored to be applied to major semiconductor parts of the iPhone 7, such as the antenna switching module.

It comes as no surprise when considering Apple’s obsession with crafting extremely thin and light devices. By reducing the surface area of radio components and increasing the electromagnetic shielding, the iPhone 7’s modules can be packed more closely together. If we consider the very likely scenario in which Apple actually ditches the headphone port, the overall gains could be very noticeable. We’ll know more in September, when Apple is expected to unveil the new flagship iPhone 7 with its rumored dual-camera setup to the world.