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Is the iPhone SE Waterproof? Amazing Test Results in Video

Apple does not openly advertise the water resistance or even waterproof qualities of their iPhones in their marketing material. This leads tech websites and YouTubers to experiments in which they try and see how the iPhone holds up to water damage and full immersion. The new iPhone SE shows very promising results in a new full immersion test video.

YouTuber Zach Straley put the iPhone SE, iPhone 6s and iPhone 5s to the test and dropped them into a bowl of water. All of the three smartphones took their bath without any kind of additional protection and were switched on prior to the test.

Interestingly enough, merely 5 minutes under water had the iPhone 5s (the oldest model of the three) display the first signs of malfunction. While the iPhone 6s and the iPhone SE, which are both very similar in terms of hardware and newness, were pretty much fine after 15 solid minutes of bathing in clear water. What was noticeable in terms of changes was the sound output of the iPhone SE’s speaker, which sounded muffled due to water entering the device.

Note that these tests are certainly no guarantee and should not be taken too seriously, as your device might show serious defects after water exposure due to mineral deposits on the circuitry. This kind of damage can evolve over time and bring your iPhone to its knees months after being exposed to the liquid element.

Nonetheless, it is certainly reassuring to see that Apple has implemented similar water resistance features in the iPhone SE as it has been done with the iPhone 6s. Please don’t try the above test at home!