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No iPhone: Obama Stuck With Modified BlackBerry

We feel your pain, Mr. President! While the rest of the White House staff has been upgraded to the most recent iPhones, President Barack Obama is only allowed to use a specially modified BlackBerry to ensure compliance with the high security standards of the government. It is widely known that Obama enjoys his iPad for work purposes, but phone calls have to be made too. His advisors have considered the iPhone for this purpose and especially for messaging needs, although their research results point to the RIM BlackBerry and the connected services in a modified form as the most secure means of communication.

iPhone messaging not safe enough?

While White House aides can use their iPhones, the president himself uses a BlackBerry that has been set up by the National Security Agency (NSA). The phone was stripped of most features to minimize the surface area for attacks, while additional encryption has been added to comply with the guidelines of the government. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is also known to use a BlackBerry, as well as the British PM David Cameron.

Technology upgrades and optimization in the White House

Four agencies used to oversee the information technology architecture of the White House. In 2015, Obama streamlined the entire process to reduce unnecessary bureaucracy with the United States Digital Service. A staggering 13,000 pounds of cables were removed during the renovation process, as they were simply forgotten and without function. New computers and color printers were added to replace the dated technology, along with fast Wi-fi to support live video streaming in the Roosevelt Room.