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iPhone SE Stress Test Reveals Weaknesses

The iPhone SE is pretty much on par with the iPhone 6s, Apple’s latest flagship. But how do they differ in terms of durability and material strength? SquareTrade has subjected both devices to a gruesome stress test and revealed how the iPhone SE cannot take quite as much punishment as its thinner and more expensive sibling.

This test result comes as somewhat of a surprise to us, as the build of the iPhone SE appears more robust due to the increased thickness and outer design. The iPhone 6s is noticeably thicker and larger in terms of surface area, which would lead one to estimate that it could fail first in a test of its structural integrity. Nonetheless, the iPhone SE fails the drop test by SquareTrade while the iPhone 6s survives 10 drops with a barely scratched outer case. Water also does plenty of damage to the iPhone SE, which suffers a sound failure and completely fails after about a minute of full immersion. Despite being equipped with the same kind of water protection technology as the iPhone 6s. The latter model survived 30 minutes under water and merely lost the ability to produce sound through its speakers.

The bendtest demonstrated that the iPhone SE can take around 72 kilograms of force until it breaks. All of these results compile into a breakability score of 5.5, while the iPhone 6s gets a 6.5 and the older iPhone 6 settles with a score of 4 points. Overall, all of the devices are highly durable and will surely survive most of the daily adventures you might want to undertake with them.