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iPhone SE to iPhone 6 SE Conversion Using Aftermarket Parts

Some of us were disappointed when Apple introduced the 4-inch iPhone SE and it turned out to look just like an iPhone 5s, while others actually prefer the classic design to the newer devices with their rounded contour and updated aesthetic. If you had wished for something akin to the iPhone 6 but with the internals of an iPhone 6s, check out this conversion by the our German peersĀ at Computer Bild.

The newly iPhone SE is highly similar to the iPhone 6s in terms of its internals and practically only misses 3D Touch in terms of features. German magazine Computer Bild decided to transplant these updated internals into a case that resembles the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, while retaining the 4-inch form factor. The procedure required plenty of dexterity and surely wasn’t easy, a consumer kit is not yet available for this mod. Arounds two hours were invested by the most experienced maker of the team.

By using a third-party chassis bought in China, they inferred a few drawbacks. The buttons are not as clicky and reliable as they would be in an original Apple device, there are also a number of sharp edges as the finish isn’t quite as polished. The lightning port and audio jack look out of place and don’t fit the design of the case as nicely as they should. Plus you can kiss your warranty goodbye if you attempt this procedure, which is why we don’t recommend modding your iPhone SE into an iPhone 6 SE anytime soon.

via Computer Bild Germany