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“Pay Once & Play” App Store iOS Game Sale

A number of iOS games are currently on sale in the iTunes App Store and all of them are devoid of of in-app-purchases (IAPs). With the tagline “Pay Once & Play”, Apple and game developers are offering nine awesome games for your iPhone and iPad with a hefty 50 percent off. One of them is the great “Transistor” which rivals even some full price titles on consoles.

Pay once and play as long as you like!

All of the titles are ad-free, IAP-free and the overwhelming majority contains a whole lot of bang for your buck. The following games are available with 50% off for a brief period of time:

We highly suggest checking out Transistor if you are into action-RPGs, but also give the charming and brutal Downwell a chance if you enjoy retro shooter-action gameplay brought to you by the makers of Serious Sam. For a smart puzzler that tickles your braincells and might even improve your memory, try Rules! by the German studio TheCodingMonkeys. Or try Implosion for some console-level graphics and stunning scifi-action gameplay and revolutionary touchscreen controls. You really can’t go wrong with any of these.