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Game Center Fix for Crashes & Matchmaking in iOS 9.3.2

Finally! Apple decided to do something about the growing complaints of developers and gamers alike and will be applying a major fix to Game Center in the iOS 9.3.2 update. The update is not only said to improve performance for a number of older devices, but also tweak Game Center to be more reliable overall. Matchmaking and ranking problems should be a thing of the past with iOS 9.3.2, which is currently in beta testing. Developers and game publishers had often lamented the unreliable and buggy nature of some Game Center aspects since the initial iOS 9 release.

Game Center in iOS 9 set to receive improvements under the hood

When Game Center is the cause of a crash in a game application, game developers are often blamed by users and left with sour reviews of their title. Often times, a simple “doesn’t work!” comment is then hampering the popularity of a title with no reference to what caused the issue, as the cause is simply invisible to the majority of users. And we all know how important good reviews are on the competitive landscape that is the iTunes App Store, especially in the game sector. Many users only download the cream of the crop and base their decision on user reviews. These unfairly distorted user impressions can ruin an entire career or studio.

Thus it is a good thing Apple finally laid hand on the technology under the hood of Game Center and is now offering an improved version of the APIs to developers. Multiplayer should be fun in iOS 9 and it hopefully will be that way again as soon as the update drops. We’ll let you know when the final version of iOS 9.3.2 arrives!