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iOS 10 Video Concept Showcases Interesting New Ideas

Despite all of the recent leaks and rumors, there are still some parts of the Apple ecosystem that are kept under wraps rather well. The iOS operating system is one of those things. The public and media are up to this point actually completely unaware of how Apple will change the look and functionality of the next iOS iteration. We’ll know more in the summer of this year, when Apple will be showcasing iOS 10 on the WWDC 2016 developer conference. Until then, check out this neat concept video demonstrating Ralph Theodory’s vision of iOS 10’s features and an updated design.

While already doable with third-party apps, the prophesied Smart Camera feature that can recognize barcodes and reveal information about all sorts of products you find on shelves would be a great addition. Ralph also envisions the possible uninstallation of preinstalled default apps and an option to guard parts of the operating system through Touch ID security on a selective basis. Furthermore, he shows a nifty little 3D Touch implementation on the dialer of the Phone app, which allows you to quick dial contacts. And he gives the Apple Music app a full overhaul to make it more intuitive.

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And iOS 10 for the iPad shows a number of improvements as well. You can view iPhone apps in their original size and reorder items in the Control Center. Additionally, multiple users are able to sign onto an iPad with their Touch ID fingerprints.

It is highly unlikely that we’ll see all of those features in this shape and form in the official iOS 10 release, bear in mind that this is simply an artist’s rendition of what he would like to see in the future version of Apple’s mobile operating system. It does contain a number of compelling points however and we thusly think that Apple should take note of these innovations and perhaps incorporate some of them at some point.