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Great Savings on “Geometry Wars 3” for iOS

If you haven’t played Geometry Wars on iOS, now is the time! The full-fledged twin-stick shooter boasts impressive graphics and effects while pinning you to your seat in adrenaline-fueled shootouts with, well, geometric shapes. It is certainly a premium game as it is a 1:1 port from the console title and published by Activision. The average rating of Geometry Wars 3 is 4.5 stars on the iTunes App Store and support for the iPad Pro including two player co-op has just been added in.

Geometry Wars Gameplay

To give you a general idea of the gameplay involved in Geometry Wars 3 on the iPhone and iPad, we suggest checking out the following promo video:

If you happen to own a made for iPhone (MFi) controller, you can use it to control the game and enjoy the full console experience. The game is also compatible with the latest Apple TV 4, although according to reviews it still has some issues with the co-op mode on it.

The graphics are impressive to say the least and it is always highly entertaining to witness the carnage and geometric distortion taking place as you blast through the stages. We recommend playing the game on at least an iPhone 5s or an iPad 2 for the best experience, otherwise you will be getting frame drops and frequent stuttering. Game Center support and the newly introduced co-op round off the impressive feature list and make it one of the most sought-after games.¬†Instead of paying the full $9.99, for a limited amount of time you can now buy¬†Geometry Wars 3 for just $2.99, that’s a whopping $7.00 in savings!