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Facebook: Auto-Tagging and Face Recognition in Videos

The biggest social network on the planet is already using artificial intelligence or neural networks to recognize your friends in photographs and tag them automatically. Facebook is now planning to roll out a feature that will also employ facial recognition and auto-tag your friends in videos. As of yet, there is no publicly known timeframe for when this feature will become available for use.

A new auto-tagging feature coming to Facebook will recognize the faces of your friends, colleagues and family in videos and mark their presence in the footage with a tag when you post it. The technology behind this new feature is similar to what is being already used for photographs. Users will also be able to see the mark in the timeline for the appearance of individual friends. By clicking the tag of say, your uncle at a wedding, you will be able to scrub directly to the part of the video where he is toasting the couple and telling his favorite joke. Neural networks are not only capable of recognizing people, but also detect cats, fireworks and all kinds of food. Facebook demonstrated the capabilities of this soon to be released technology at a recent developer event.

Artificial intelligence and neural networks will surely play a big role in the coming years, just recently Facebook announced that chat bot technology will play a role in conjunction with the Facebook Messenger app. Consumers can contact businesses through special chat services that offer all kinds of useful interaction, such as rerouting a package delivery or changing and placing orders. This will be as easy as texting your spouse while shopping and e.g. check your personal stocks of groceries. As explained above, there is no real release date set in stone for the video facial recognition feature, Engadget notes in their article.