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Copy & Paste Not Working Correctly in iOS 9

Copy & paste is one of the essential features of any text editor or operating system as a whole and should work correctly, one might assume. With iOS 9 however, Apple has run into some problems with a bug that is causing the copy & paste functionality to behave unexpectedly in some cases. But don’t worry, it’s not completely broken and there is a workaround. First off, here’s what goes wrong with copy & paste in iOS 9: Instead of pasting the right selection of text you have chosen, iOS pastes an older piece of text you had copied earlier. You might have wondered whether that has been a mistake on your part if this has happened to you once, but it’s actually a known bug in iOS and it affects all versions of iOS 9, from 9.0 to iOS 9.3.1 in its latest version. The bug is known to Cupertino as rdar://23129518 and it’s actively being worked at, according to the Apple bug tracker.

Annoying copy & paste bug: easy workaround

If you see an older copied text being pasted instead of the most current selection, simply repeat the whole copy & paste affair and it should work. It might need several attempts to convince your iPhone or iPad of the fact that it is parroting a previously copied portion of text instead of what you want it to, but it will work after one or several tries. You can also try invoking the function via the Share button.

Copying and pasting was introduced with iOS 3. How a feature as simple as this function could possibly break so severly six major OS iterations after the introduction might be unfathomable to some that are unfamiliar with software engineering. Seeing how Apple has continually adapted, tweaked and modified the accompanying context menu however, we can certainly see how the complexity of the whole ordeal might have allowed for some chaos under the hood that is now witness-able. But it comes with some disappointment to see copy & paste broken in iOS 9, especially after the thorough beta testing it has undergone since then.