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WWDC 2016: Siri Reveals Conference Date

The speculation regarding the WWDC 2016 conference dates has been revealed to be true by Apple’s virtual assistant on iOS, namely Siri. If you ask Siri about the upcoming WWDC date, she will give you the exact timeframe which is now also available on the official website. In a small break from tradition, Apple chose to first update Siri and then the website. Predictions had placed the conference in the week of 13th of June, which was deduced by analyzing the bookings and potential openings for the weeklong developer conference for iOS, tvOS, watchOS, Mac OS X and more.

Apple made use of Siri to announce the conference date to early birds. You can ask Siri “when is the next WWDC?” and she’ll reply with June 13th to 17th for the WWDC 2016 and how excited she is to be there. Apple has updated the website following the early announcement with a colorful invitation for developers for its different platforms. The WWDC allows developers to connect with one another, visit workshops on app development and listen to all sorts of useful lectures. Most beneficial is probably the networking part and direct means of contacting some of the most important figures in the industry. If you’re interested, you can register for the chance to buy a ticket starting April 22nd on the WWDC website. As usual, tickets are sold in a random selection procedure to offer a fair chance of attending the conference to all potential attendees.

The WWDC 2016 will take place in the Moscone Center, but the initial opening keynote will take place at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, where the press will also be present to absorb any new information about software products and devices.

We’re expecting updates and information regarding iOS, Mac OS X, tvOS for the Apple TV and watchOS for the Apple Watch. It is quite possible that Apple might be presenting the next MacBook generation at the event or surprise us with additional hardware refreshes. The highlight will probably be the iOS 10 presentation, which we look forward to with great excitement. iOS 10 will also be the operating system of the upcoming iPhone 7, which is set to be released this fall, if Apple sticks to the regular schedule. New iOS hardware such as an iPad or iPod touch is not expected to be shown at WWDC, as the smaller iPad Pro was just released.