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This is the Average Apple Watch User: Study

The average Apple Watch user tends to be male, around 40 years of age and well educated with the high income to accompany his degree. Market analysts at wristly have compiled an interesting infographic detailing all sorts of demographics and statistics with respect to Apple Watch wearers and owners. Their sample size is comprised of 1400 individuals and shows that only 14 percent of users are female. About 62 percent opted for the cheaper entry model, the Apple Watch Sport. More than three quarters of the users are over 35 years of age: 77 percent to be precise.

How much does an Apple Watch owner make in a year?

The affluent owners of an Apple Watch typically make more than 100.000 US-Dollars a year, more than 68 percent belong to this income bracket. In Europe, the results were slightly lower but still show that the majority belongs to the wealthiest class and 45 percent make over 100k a year.

In terms of gender, it is interesting to see that women wearing an Apple Watch are typically more likely to have completed their graduate studies or PhD, while men that have only attained a high school degree are more likely to own an Apple Watch than their female peers in the same educational group.

Unsurprisingly, the large majority of Apple Watch buyers would describe themselves as rather eager early adopters who are either the first or among the first to try a new tech product. The most likely accompanying product from the selection of options the researchers offered was the new Apple TV, while other connected devices took the second place. Around 26 percent also own the iPad Pro and/or a smart digital thermostat.