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iPhone SE Slowly Squeezing Chinese Competitors Out of Market

According to a newly surfaced report, the introduction of the iPhone SE is leaving serious marks on the Chinese market, where local smartphone producers start to miss out on revenue due to the new competition. The iPhone SE is quite affordable for what it offers and has the appeal of the Apple brand, which is particularly attractive to Chinese customers, as it seems. Especially the group of buyers that hasn’t yet been able to afford an Apple device is drawn to purchase the budget iPhone, instead of going for Xiaomi or Huawei. Part of that decision might be driven by the competitors only offering the Android ecosystem of apps and content.

Huawei, Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo hit hard by iPhone SE

According to DigiTimes and sources familiar with the supply chain, market share initially belonging to Huawei, Xiaomi Technology, Vivo and Oppo was acquired by Apple via the iPhone SE’s introduction and skyrocketing sales in this cheaper market segment.

Apple has not published any concrete numbers with respect to the 4-inch iPhone SE sales. Both the financial aspect of the cheaper device with the strong feature set as well as the smaller form factor appeal to buyers from all regions. In China however, the driving force behind the sales appears to be price-related. The iPhone SE was introduced a month ago. As a secondary effect, the adoption of iOS 9 has also been accelerated by the product launch.