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iOS 10 Top Features Imagined in Concept Video

Which will be the iOS 10 top features? Apple is doing great in keeping the next operating system iteration a secret, which is why concept designers such as Federico Viticci and Sam Beckett are creating these awesome concept videos to stir up discussion and present their very own iOS 10 wishlist containing features they’d love to see implemented by Apple. The wait will be over soon, iOS 10 is slated to be presented at WWDC 2016 this summer, starting in June.

The video titled “iOS 10 wishlist” is a broad overview of what the two UI designers of Macstories would love to see in the next big iOS update. Probably one of the most interesting features in the video is the customization aspect of the Control Center, which has only been realized in the jailbreak world so far. Being able to reorder your Control Center icons and even add shortcuts to third-party apps and features would be pretty great. Or imagine deep-pressing your WiFi toggle in the Control Center and being able to select a network, without having to go into the Settings app and selecting it from there. Apple is certainly missing many chances for cutting down on unnecessary usability barriers, especially for power users and the like. Another great idea is the so-called “Dark Mode” for iOS 10, which colors the interface in sort of an inverted color theme, so as to not strain the eyes at night and complement “Night Shift Mode”.

We also enjoyed the rich previews in the Messages app, emoji search for messengers as well as a more refined document and file selection interface for iCloud Drive and third-party apps. As always, it is not entirely impossible that Apple will see and adopt some of these ideas in iOS 10, at least in one of the later updates as the initial beta of the operating system must be nearing its completion by now. Official features will be announced at WWDC 2016, presumably during the opening keynote on the 13th of June 2016.