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Apple vs. FBI: Price for Hack Estimated at 1.3 Million Dollars

US taxpayers have paid a hefty price for the FBI being able to break into one of Apple’s devices in the San Bernardino case. Around 1.3 million dollars were invested into the third-party hacking service in order to circumvent the security of the iPhone 5c and access data on it. The end result was that the FBI was able to verify that no additional attacks were planned by the perpetrators or potential partners connected to the shooter Rizwan Farook. It is up for discussion whether this ticket was worth the price of admission.

More than 1.3 million dollars to unlock a single iPhone

Information security is a great field to be in, at least some companies seem to benefit with inordinate amounts of profit. FBI director James Comey publicly stated that the price the agency had to pay to hack the iPhone 5c was (at least) more than seven times his yearly salary. But it was certainly worth it, he added. This is despite the fact that newer iPhone models such as the iPhone 6 and above are not vulnerable to the attack.

As his salary is publicly researchable, the above figure was deduced as the possible price. The recipient of this sum was, according to reports, the Israeli info security company Cellebrite. Current reports suggest that this was the largest ever publicized fee that was paid for a hacking job. The software used for the job will be available to the FBI for unlocking other iPhone 5c models running iOS 9.