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iOS 10 Concept Video: Top Features Introduced

The iOS 10 release marks another big milestone for Apple and its mobile operating system, which is set to be released this summer. For now, we know very little about what the upcoming improvements and new features will be. Thus we’re left with a lot of room for speculation. We decided to take matters into our own hands and created an iOS 10 concept including a number of interesting features that we’d love to see in the final product. Check out our iOS 10 video concept and see for yourself!

Note that mockups such as these are simply meant to illustrate our ideas and are in no way a prognosis of what will be unveiled by Apple at the upcoming WWDC. The ideas presented in this iOS 10 video are however useful, elegant and absolutely necessary or overdue, as we think. Our additions are meant to make iOS even more practical and intuitive. The following infographic summarizes what our vision of iOS 10 looks like.

Practical & intuitive user interface

Among the essential iOS 10 features in our vision of the next big update is an extended weather feature, which allows access to the Weather App while still on the Lock Screen, where it is displayed right next to the current time. You can also turn on and off alarms right from within your Lock Screen by tapping on the clock.
Banner notifications in iOS 10 take on the color of the app from which they originated, making them easily distinguishable. One quick glance is all it takes to identify where the notification came from, such as a messenger app, news app or a game. A new Light Mode allows you to switch to a dark color scheme at night, making all of the content on your iPhone’s display easier to read at night. By inverting the actual interface colors, it nicely complements Night Shift Mode which was introduced in iOS 9 and warms up the color spectrum during the late hours. The Quick View feature enables you to navigate more quickly and comfortably in iOS 10. It is a great way to instantly view new incoming messages via a swiping gesture on the Home Screen or even launch app updates from the same main view.

iOS 10 infographic

Our infographic depicts the most important features at a glance, feel free to click the preview to get a full view of all the details.

Do you like our iOS 10 concept? What kind of functionality would you like to see in the next version of iOS? Make sure to leave us a comment below this article! If you want to know what our vision of the next iPhone 7 looks like, then check out our iPhone 7 concept.

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