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App Store Issues When Downloading or Buying Apps

Apple’s App Store is suffering a partial outage after iMessage users have been complaining about intermittent issues yesterday. Current problems involve downloading or buying apps and are confined to a small percentage of users, while Apple’s system status page does not state any kind of issue at the time of publication. The App Store issues are real though, as users on the web and twittersphere are complaining about the unreliable user experience, which has been reported by German tech news outlet MacTechNews among others. Timeouts and 503 errors are often experienced. The download button or buy button don’t work properly due to server issues on Apple’s side. Some purchases are not going through at all.

App Store suffering intermittent technical issues

Several consumers claim that the App Store problems have been an ongoing thing for several days now. Slow and unreliable downloads are plaguing European users. The problems affect both the purchasing and re-downloading or updating processes. Apple has not yet released a statement concerning the ongoing problem of unreliable App Store connectivity and it is unclear whether the problems are geographically limited in some way. The iMessage outage of yesterday affected around 0.5 percent of users, claimed Apple and listed the issue as resolved on the official status page.