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Leaked iPhone 7 Component Stirs Up Debate

The tech press had already announced the departure of the traditional headphone jack with relative certainty for the iPhone 7, as more and more leaks from the supply chain cemented the idea that the lightning port and wireless headphones would take its place. A new leaked image purportedly shows a component assembly of Apple’s next big device which is in conflict with those prior rumors and is currently stirring up debate on Apple-themed websites across the globe. Will the iPhone 7 feature a headphone jack, or not?

iPhone 7: Will it have a headphone jack?

We cannot confirm nor deny the authenticity of the image published by our French colleagues at, who sourced the image from a Weibo account. When comparing the photograph of the leaked part to teardown images of the iPhone 6s, we can definitely see that several areas have undergone noticeable changes in terms of their design and engineering.

If the leak turns out to be a hoax, we’ll be surprised at the level of effort that has gone into faking it. Almost all of the connectors have been reworked to some degree, shifted and reorganized and the whole module appears to be of slightly less mass, which would make sense for the ever weight-conscious Apple design and engineering team.

There are audiophiles who hope that Apple keep including the 3.5 inch audio jack in their devices for audio quality reasons. But one might also argue that a lightning port adapter will sound just as good. Wireless headphones do not have to be lacking in audio quality either, while that depends on the protocol used by the third-party manufacturer.