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Rumor: Apple Music Design Update in the Make

The Apple Music app has had its fair share of criticism but survived the first wave of users – now a rumored design update may follow. As it is often the case with Apple’s own apps, harsh critics tend to appear upon the launch of a new service or native iOS app and this time the criticism was well-earned. The Apple Music UI is slightly chaotic, cluttered and not very intuitive. In short: It’s not very Apple-esque. For instance, when adding a new album to your collection via iTunes, you will discover that going through the “new” tab or another route is required to look up the album again and then add it.

Apple Music and iTunes need an overhaul

The same goes for iTunes. Its PC and Mac incarnations are simply of low UI quality and don’t show the same eye for detail and minimalistic, logical approach Apple took on the hardware engineering or their operating systems. It is a cluttered mess that has grown in functionality over the years but rarely received any love in terms of UI structure and user experience. A reboot of the iTunes and Apple Music user interfaces and apps is rumored to take place in tandem with a new marketing campaign that might start together with the WWDC 2016, Apple’s world-wide developer conference for iOS, tvOS and Mac OS X. Regardless of the rumors, something needs to be done so that Apple will be able to compete with Spotify and their continuously improving product.

Apple Music & iTunes reboot unavoidable for Apple

This year’s developer conference, the WWDC 2016, is said to be the ground zero for the iTunes & Apple Music reboots. Hopefully, Apple will deliver on the promise to improve these two lacking products and provide a better user experience. The Radio services are also said to receive improvements. Nine Inch Nails singer Trent Reznor and Jonathan Ive’s former team are currently busy working on the apps with Jimmy Iovine and Apple’s Eddy Cue. Apple spokespeople declined to comment on the matter.