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Apple A11: iPhone 7s Chip Design Reportedly Finalized

The Apple A11 stands ready: According to recent rumors, the iPhone 7s’s chip has already been finalized in terms of design. According to DigiTimes, TSMC reportedly completed the tape-out phase for the 10nm FinFET process chip and will consequently begin production of the first round of samples for Apple. The certification and first delivery is slated to be expected in late 2016 or early 2017, probably in the final quarter of the year.

TSMC involved with Apple A10 and Apple A11

Small-scale production of the Apple A11 might start as early as Q2 2017, according to the reports. TSMC is said to produce around two thirds of the order volume, while it is unclear which other company will claim the rest. It is highly likely that Samsung will once again jump in to manufacture the iPhone’s heart. This would go contrary to prior rumors that TSMC would take on the entire volume by itself.

The Apple A10 will power the upcoming iPhone 7, which is slated to be released this fall. The current generation is produced in both 14nm and 16nm, depending on the manufacturer. Transistors placed closely together in a more advanced process equal more processing power for the same die size, or increased energy efficiency and a smaller die. Or a compromise and balance of both factors. Either way, an upgraded process will lead to noticeable advantages for end-users and accompanies each hardware iteration Apple has put out with the different iPhone models so far.

What will the iPhone 7s look like?

The iPhone 7s’s presentation awaits us next year, this means that design details will probably be kept under wraps for quite a while. The rumor mill concerning the iPhone 7 proved to be relatively fruitless and Apple is keeping up the stealth pretty well, earlier models have seen far more leaks and detailed speculations that proved to be accurate. As of now, we’re even unsure whether the iPhone 7 will include a headphone jack or use the lightning port and wireless EarPods instead. Apparently, Apple has truly increased its levels of internal secrecy to old standards and is doing a very good job of keeping most of the hardware hidden from the public eye.