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iPhone Speed Test 2016: All Models Compared

We all know that Apple releases a new model of the iPhone every year. But what does that mean in terms of performance? Is it really worth it to upgrade for you personally, or would it just be a minor computing and features advantage but mainly a cosmetic change to your current iPhone? YouTuber EverythingApplePro has put all of the existing iPhones to the test in everyday tasks and operations such as wireless download speeds, bootup times, internet browsing performance as well as the device temperature and maximum speaker volume.

The seven minute discusses all of the iPhones up to the current iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus as well as the iPhone SE, which has only been released a few weeks ago. The iPhone SE combines most of the iPhone 6s hardware with the popular looks and form factor of the iPhone 5s while delivering this performance at a bargain price, which makes it a great option for upgraders looking to keep or switch to the smaller form factor.

Who would have thought: Newer equals faster!

Unsurprisingly, pretty much every metric in the test shows that the iPhone SE as well as the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus reign supreme in terms of performance. Their boot times are the shortest, while the iPhone 4s is severely hampered by iOS 9 and takes the longest to turn on after a full shutdown. It comes at a small surprise that the iPhone 2G (the oldest unit in the test) doesn’t take the very last place, but merely the 7th spot. Overall we see that you do in fact gain practical advantages from upgrading your iPhone, but judging whether these are worth it really depends mostly on your budget.

Apple forces your hand with time by providing older devices with newer versions of iOS that tend to reflect badly on their performance. Fortunately, this trend of “planned obsolescence by firmware” has taken a turn with recent iOS updates such as the 9.3.2 update that is still in beta, which prove to run a lot better on older devices when compared to other firmware upgrades in the near and distant past.