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Alleged iPhone 7 Schematic Leaked

Apple has been keeping the iPhone 7 design under wraps and very few can claim to own any information on what the iPhone 7 will look like. A new leak shared by nowhereelse and @OnLeaks offers a peek at what appears to be a CAD schematic of the new and unreleased iPhone 7, with surprisingly identical proportions and measurements when compared to the current generation of flagship devices. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo already exclaimed that the iPhone 7 would offer too little incentive for upgrades to owners of the iPhone 6 or 6s, but nothing has yet been proven when it comes to the iPhone 7’s design and features.

iPhone 7: Bigger camera to be expected

The CAD screenshots appear to be derived from the data accessory makers receive and use to model their cases and products around the rough dimensions given by Apple. No details are to be seen in this leak, merely a grey phong-shaded generic shape that strongly resembles the iPhone 6 and not much else. It does not help with speculation regarding the potential omission of the iPhone’s headphone jack, or the inclusion of a smart connector as featured in the iPad Pro.

he only thing that is highly apparent in this leak, is that the camera lens and its surrounding protrusion are larger than what we’ve seen with the current generation. A bigger, more powerful camera would come at no surprise, as it is known that consumers crave the best mobile photography equipment that fits into a pocket and Apple has done a great job catering to this market demand with every generation and recent marketing campaigns.

It has been hypothesized that the dual-camera system would only be featured in the iPhone 7 Plus and hence this CAD leak could be supporting this rumor.

The actual details of the iPhone 7 are expected to be unveiled and released this fall, when Apple introduces the new flagship featuring iOS 10 at a keynote that will hopefully wow the consumers and investors alike, as confidence in the Apple stock (AAPL) has been decreasing markedly since mid-April.