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WhatsApp Client for Mac OS and Windows: Download

WhatsApp, one of the world’s most popular messengers. With WhatsApp Web the messenger is available on Windows and Mac OS X. Initially, WhatsApp was against supporting devices without an actual phone number to link the account to. But in effect you’re still required to own a phone that has WhatsApp installed to use the new clients.

We explain how to install WhatsApp Web here.

WhatsApp for Mac: A lack of advantages

Third-Party apps for WhatsApp on other platforms have achieved similar results and there is little the new standalone client offers on your Mac. It’s basically a front-end for the web client which had been available on for some time now, having your phone and the computer connected to the same network is still a requirement for use. In effect, we would have loved another means of authentication and a true standalone app instead of this tethered experience. And many users agree. Advanced features such as telephony via WhatsApp Call are still unavailable on the desktop. At least we get voice messages on the official client.

The actual improvements lie in the inherent advantages of a native Mac app: You get support for desktop notifications without having to use Google Chrome and more support for keyboard shortcuts. The download (Official Website) weighs in at around 51.7 MB in size.

WhatsApp clients fairly equal in features

As explained above, which app you choose to use is almost completely up to your visual preferences, as all of the WhatsApp clients for desktop machines are practically on par in terms of their features. Keep in mind that only one session can be open at a time. If you start another session by logging into a second app, you will be logged out of the other session automatically. Using multiple additional clients is therefore impossible for now.

You will need Mac OS X 10.9 or later to run the new WhatsApp desktop app, while Windows users need Windows 8 or later.

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WhatsApp Messenger
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